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You can enter your scores via the GHIN Mobile App or online at www.ghin.com. LWMGA highly recommends using the GHIN app to post scores. It is available for free from the App Store for Apple products and at the Google Play Store for Andriods. Here is information from our Handicaps Chair Tammy Poe about posting scores:

NOTE: Scores should be posted before midnight of the day you play. If that's not possible, post as soon as you are able.
  1. Go to GHIN Mobile App or  www.ghin.com.  Click the Post Scores link.

  2. Select "Hole-by-Hole" (useful for posting scores that need Maximum Hole Score adjustment, explained below), "Hole by Hole with Stats" or "Total Score".    

  3. Enter information for your golf score:
    *Name of golf course
    *Tees played
    *Score Type - Home, Away, or Competition
    *Number of holes played: 18 or 9
    *Date round was played
    *Enter Adjusted Gross Score (or Enter Hole by Score)
    *Click "Post Score" button

  4. In January of 2020 the USGA adopted the World Handicap System. Equitable Stroke Control (ESC) is no longer used for adjusting scores. The new method is called:

Maximum Hole Score for Handicapping
For a player with an established Handicap index, the maximum score for each hole is limited to a net double bogey, calculated as follows:

Par of the hole + 2 strokes + Any handicap stroke(s) the player receives on that hole

Adjusting a hole score can be done either:
  • Automatically when Hole-by-Hole entry is chosen on GHIN app or GHIN.com or
  • By the player when submitting a score by choosing Adjusted Gross Score for the round. To determine maximum score for each hole:
    • Convert Handicap index to Course Handicap
    • Apply strokes(s) received on each hole using the stroke index on scorecard
    • Apply above formula to determine if your hole score is above your maximum
    • Example: Your score on a par 4 is 8. 4(par) + 2(double bogey) + 1(stroke received) = 7,
      so your Maximum Hole Score for that hole is a 7. Adjust that hole score by -1. Continue with any other hole adjustments needed, then adjust total score.

Here is information about posting scores during winter play
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