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 Posting Winter Scores


The Nebraska Golf Association (NGA) regulates when we can record scores into the GHIN system for ALL golf courses in Nebraska. Therefore:  Any scores from Nebraska courses played during our inactive season should be disregarded for GHIN purposes; our Nebraska golf courses are not considered to be at their normal playing conditions during our winter months.  Usually, our inactive season starts some time in October/November and runs through some time in March; use the link below to look up the exact dates for our active season.)

Check the dates for Nebraska's active season and handicap revisions.

Important:  We also cannot enter ANY scores into the GHIN system until our golf season in Nebraska becomes active again.  So what about scores played on golf courses in other states whose climates allow their golf courses to remain in great condition?   These states have an active season the whole year round according to GHIN.  Below are a couple of options for recording these scores:

  • If you play golf during our inactive season in an area whose GHIN season is still active, you can record these scores into the GHIN system but will have to wait to do so until our active date in the spring.  Hold onto your scorecards, and don't forget to keep track of the course and slope ratings. You can get this information from the Web site.  When our season becomes active again in the spring, enter your scores with the date you actually played. 

    Note:  If a course does not have course and slope ratings, you cannot enter your score from that course into the GHIN system.  Some golf associations in Arizona and California are not members of the USGA GHIN system; they do not use the GHIN system for their members’ handicaps.  Therefore, the course may not have USGA course and slope ratings.  You will not be able to enter those scores into the GHIN system at any time. 
  • You could join another golf association that is affiliated with GHIN in the area where you are during our inactive season.  First, make sure their season is active during the times you will be there.  Second, give them your GHIN number so that you will be a member of their association with the same GHIN number as you are with the LWMGA.  That way all of your scores will go into one bucket.  If they won't take your GHIN number, they are not using the USGA GHIN system for their handicaps, which means you cannot achieve the goal of posting scores into GHIN by becoming a member of that association.

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