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 Standing Rule's Last Revision: April 2023

  1. The annual dues of this association shall be $18 plus the current NGA Handicap Service fee.  After August 1, the dues for the remainder of the year shall be $8 plus the current NGA Handicap Service fee. 

  2. Junior GHIN membership dues shall be $5 plus the current NGA Junior Handicap Service fee.

  3. The association's newsletter called Golfabout shall be sent out as needed to the membership.

  4. Weekly tee times at the public golf courses will be requested from the City of Lincoln's Parks and Recreation Department each year. The official request forms are sent to Parks and Rec during the off season before January. The following daily play tee time information will be requested from the City of Lincoln's Parks and Recreation Department:

  5. For morning play, the days, locations, and tee times are:
    Monday = Mahoney Golf Course
    Tuesday = Holmes Golf Course
    Thursday = Pioneers Golf Course
    Friday = Highlands Golf Course
    The tee times are dependent on the time of year:
    APRIL = 11 a.m.
    MAY = 10 a.m.
    JUNE, JULY, AUGUST = 9 a.m.
    SEPTEMBER = 10 a.m.
    OCTOBER = 11 a.m.

    For afternoon or evening play, the days and locations are:
    Tuesday = Holmes Golf Course
    Wednesday = Highlands Golf Course
    Thursday = Mahoney Golf Course
    Tee times will be requested somewhere between
    4:00 and 6:15 p.m. and will vary among the days. 

    The handicap posting season for Nebraska is from March 15 - November 15.

  6. The LWMGA will host various special events throughout the season. All events are dependent upon participation and may be canceled due to low interest. The Club Championship will be coordinated by the Executive Board. All other special events will be coordinated by the Executive Board or appointed chairwomen.

  7. The LWMGA Club Championship is open to all current LWMGA members with an established GHIN handicap. The tournament will be a two-day event. It will be held on a Friday/Saturday or Saturday/Sunday. If the days are to change, it must be decided no later than the fall association meeting so the dates can be reserved in January with the courses.

    *Gross Score = Total number of strokes.
    *Net Score = Total number of strokes minus handicap.
    *The Club Champion will be the player with the lowest 2-day total gross score. (The Club Champion may come from any flight. In the event of a tie for Club Champion, there will be a sudden death play-off.)
    *The Low Net Winner(s) will be the player(s), under age 60 on the first day of the tournament, with the lowest 2-day total net score. (The Low Net Winner may come from any flight. Ties will not be broken.)
    *The Senior Low Net Winner(s) will be the player(s) age 60 or over on the first day of the tournament, with the lowest 2-day total net score. (The Senior Low Net Winner(s) may come from any flight. Ties will not be broken.)
    *Super Senior Campion(s) will be the player(s) age 70 or older on the first day of the tournament, with the lowest 2-day total gross score.  (The Super Senior Champion(s) may come from any flight. Ties will not be broken.)

    Number of flights will be determined according to the number of participants.
    Flights will be labeled 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc.
    At least three places will be awarded in each flight.
    Ties within flights will be broken by card play-offs.
    Participants will be flighted by handicap index prior to the start of the tournament.
    If the range of handicap indices within any flight is less than 5, the winner of that flight will be the player with the lowest 2-day total GROSS score, OR else the winner of that flight will be the player with the lowest 2-day total NET score.

    Winter Rules will apply (play ball up in fairway).
    Flag prizes are optional.

    For the two-day event, total each player's gross or net scores, depending on the designation of their flight, for the four most difficult holes each day (based on the course handicap). The lowest total for those eight holes will be declared the winner. If still a tie, proceed to the fifth most difficult hole for each day. If still tied, proceed to the sixth most difficult hole for each day, and etc.

  8. The LWMGA shall join the Nebraska Women's Amateur Golf Association by paying their annual club membership dues. This entitles our club to representation on the NWAGA Board of Directors. A NWAGA Board Representative and one alternate shall be appointed by the President of LWMGA.

  9. The Standing Rules may be amended or suspended at any association meeting by a majority vote. No prior notice is needed to take action.

  10. The duties of the officers and committee chairwomen are as follows. Transfer of duties to newly elected officers will commence following the fall meeting:
    Schedule and preside at all meetings; be an administrative officer.
    Set dates and make application to the courses for weekly tee times.
    Work with the pros at the golf courses.
    Review the Constitution and the Standing Rules for any necessary changes.
    Perform duties of the President in her absence.
    Coordinate and advise the Weekly Event Chairwomen.
    Take minutes of all meetings.
    Collect membership dues.
    Preside at budget meetings.
    Pay all bills as approved.
    Keep accurate account of receipts and disbursements.
    Make financial reports at meetings.

COMMITTEE CHAIRWOMEN that are members of the Executive Board
Each chairwoman is responsible for appointing her own committee members as she deems necessary, with the exception of the Handicap Chairwoman. When applicable, each chairwoman is responsible for her own plans, prizes, publicity (including notifying newspapers and LWMGA Membership chair for communications), publishing the rules and posting winners. Specific duties are as follows:

Develop a basic knowledge of the GHIN system.
Maintain the GHIN records for our membership.
Confirm the number of active members for billing purposes by the deadline imposed by the Nebraska Golf Assn.
Verify the bill(s) from the Nebraska Golf Assn for GHIN dues, then hand it over to the treasurer for payment in a prompt fashion.
Provide & validate handicaps for the Club Championship event.
Chairperson of the Handicap Committee. The Handicap Committee shall consist of the current LWMGA Executive Board. This committee shall follow the duties and responsibilities as written in the Handicap Systems Manual.
Keep an updated record of the name, address, e-mail address, and phone number of all members.
Work directly with the Treasurer and Handicap Chairwoman to establish and maintain an updated roster.
Maintain the membership's e-mail addresses with an e-mail distribution list on our official e-mail account.
Prepare and distribute "Welcome Packet" for new members.
Manage the official e-mail account.
Committee Chair for bulletin board maintenance at our city courses.
--Special Events
These events will be determined and scheduled by the Executive Board on a yearly basis and chairwomen will be appointed accordingly.
Write articles for Golfabout and Neighborhood Extra regarding events.

COMMITTEE CHAIRWOMEN that are not members of the Executive Board

--Daily Play (9 & 18)
Schedule and post all weekly events for the season.
Post winners of these events so they may pick up their prizes.
Maintain a birdie, eagle, and chip-in record.
Coordinate morning/evening golf play.
Set up a tournament if so desired by this group.
Compile the Golfabout newsletter.
Email the current year's initial Golfabout to last year's members plus any new prospective members.
--Web Master
Maintain the LWMGA website
Validate and ensure all bills regarding the domain name and other related website expenses are paid.

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