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You can enter your scores via the Internet instead of using a computer at one of the four city public golf courses.  Once the scores are posted, they will be denoted on your scoring records with an "I" for Home scores posted on the Internet, "AI" for Away scores posted on the Internet, "TI" for Tournament scores posted on the Internet, or  "CI" if two nine–hole scores are combined and at least one was posted on the Internet. Here is information from our LWMGA Handicaps Chair Gloria Brockley about posting scores during winter play.

  1. Go to this Web address:  www.ghin.com

  2. At that site, click the POST SCORES link at the top of the page. 
    (In the future after you know these steps, you can just click the Post Scores Online link at the top of this page to post your scores.) 

  3. Enter your GHIN number and last name as it is printed on your GHIN card (or enter your Club number instead of your last name). Click Next.

  4. Enter the information for one of your golf scores:
    * Date of the score
    * Type of score (Home, Away, or Tournament)
    * Holes played:  9 or 18
    * Course Rating—
    To look up and automatically enter the rating and slope and course name, click the GHIN Course Rating Lookup button on the posting screen; follow the prompts.  
    * Slope—
    This is automatically entered if you use the GHIN Course Rating Lookup button.
    * Score (adjusted for ESC)
    = Equitable Stroke Control Definition and Example
    * Course Name—
    This is automatically entered if you use the GHIN Course Rating Lookup button.

  5. Click the Post ESC Score button. 

  6. Repeat Steps 4 and 5 if you have more than one score to enter.


What Is Equitable Stroke Control (ESC)?

ESC is the downward adjustment of unusually high scores on individual holes. ESC sets a maximum number a player can post on any hole. This maximum is dependent on a player’s Course Handicap.

When Do I Apply ESC?

Once you have established a USGA Handicap Index (minimum of five scores posted), you should apply ESC to every score you enter in the GHIN system, regardless if it is an away, home, or tournament score. For example, in a tournament you shoot 95, which is used for determining the event’s winners; however, after applying ESC, you correctly post a 92.

How Do I Apply ESC?

  1. Convert your USGA Handicap Index to a Course Handicap for the course you played. 
    ExampleMy 18‑hole Handicap Index is 22.7. I am playing the white tees at Pioneers, which is a slope of 117. Using a conversion chart, my 18‑hole course handicap at Pioneers is 24. Use a “USGA Course Handicap Table” posted at the golf course to do this conversion.*

  2. *Course Handicap:  All golf courses should have a table posted. For our four municipal courses, they are posted on our LWMGA bulletin boards and are inside our handicap sticker notebooks along with the ESC table. Determine your course handicap for every course you play. They will vary! If I convert a 19.2 Handicap Index to a Course Handicap for Pioneers, Highlands, Holmes, and Mahoney, it is 20, 19, 21, and 20 respectively. At Highlands I can take 7 strokes maximum per hole, but I can take 8 strokes maximum at the other three courses.

    You can also do the manual calculation by using the steps:
    (1) Multiply your USGA Handicap Index by the slope of the course you played.
    (2) Divide by 113.
    (3) Delete all numbers after the tenths digit.
    (4) Round to the nearest whole number.

  3. Using an ESC table, determine the maximum number of strokes allowed per hole for you.  Example: With an 18‑hole Course Handicap of 24, 8 strokes is the maximum I can have on any hole. Use the ESC table below or at the golf course; be sure to use correct column for a 9‑ or 18‑hole handicap.

  4. Equitable Stroke Control Table:
    Use ESC to adjust all scores before posting!

    Course Handicap

    Course Handicap

    Maximum Number
    Posted on Any Hole

    9 or less

    4 or less

    Double Bogey

    10 through 19

    5 through 9


    20 through 29

    10 through 14


    30 through 39

    15 through 19


    40 or more

    20 or more


  5. Check your scorecard.  Look for individual hole score(s) that exceed the maximum you are allowed.  Example: I had 9 on #5 and 10 on #8.

  6. Replace those scores with the maximum amount. 
    Example: I replace the two above scores with 8. 

  7. Add your new total score, and enter it in the computer. 
    Example: My 103 total score is reduced to 100. I enter a 100 into the GHIN system—not 103!

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