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 2 Club

This is a national organization. Thanks to Bev Kipper for managing this for us.

Rules: You can be a member of the "2 Club" AFTER you get a 2 on a hole and have officially notified and paid Bev. After that, anyone who is a member of the "2 Club" and is playing in your foursome will owe you $1 for any 2 you get during that round.

There are two ways you can join:

  1. Pay $5 in advance to Bev Kipper for your "2 Club" pin. When you get a 2 on a hole, please call Bev at 402-438-5310. She will then give you your pin. (If you don't get a 2 this season, your $5 will be refunded or carried over to next season; it is your choice.)

  2. Wait until you get a 2 on a hole and then e-mail or call Bev. Once you give her your $5, she will order you a pin and get it to you.

Proudly wear your "2 Club" pin at any organized ladies' golf events.

Here is a list of LWMGA members who have already joined: "2 Club" Member List.


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