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 LWMGA Ace Club

  • Each member can choose to add $2 to her dues to join the LWMGA Ace Club for the current year. IMPORTANT: Entries received after April  2024 will not be valid and will not be refunded.

  • Whoever fulfills all three of the eligibility requirements below will split the "pot" of all the money collected for the LWMGA Ace Club.

  • If no one becomes eligible for the "pot" in the current year, the "pot" is carried over into the next year.

  • Members must join the LWMGA Ace Club every year to be eligible for the "pot."

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. You paid $2 for your entry in the LWMGA Ace Club before or at the Spring Brunch 2024.

  2. Your hole in one occurred:
    (a) Anytime during the current season.
    (b) On one of the following courses: Highlands, Holmes, Mahoney, or Pioneers.
    (c) With at least one eyewitness.

  3. Submit details including: your name, golf course, the golf hole, the club used, your witnesses names and signatures to a current LWMGA Board member for approval.
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