Yellow Ball Tournament -- 2006

After the early spring rains the skys finally cleared up so we could get our first event of the year in the record books...well maybe not a record book but some kind of book.  The event was held at Mahoney Golf Course which was in great shape.  I suppose those rains were beneficial from the stand point of the ground crew and Superintendents. 

Early on we wondered if the weather would cooperate for us this day......
gathering2                                                                         light

But the rains held off and we got started.  The event was changed from a Best Ball format to a Scramble.  This format is more "golfer friendly" early in the year, allowing us to enjoy the event and continue the spring improvement of the games.     

confused OK, I'm a bit confused here.  Sure, I know that is nothing new but  do you see what I see???  Where is the  target???  You have two gals preparing to hit in two directions???   HUH!! And one lady appears to be shading herself from the sunless sky.  tee hee  

But the skys began to part and the suns rays did begin to burn through the clouds.  Maybe that gal with the umbrella had a premonition.  

patience                                                          bluesky  organizers
Thanks to this years Events Coordinators, Becky Williams and Bev Kipper for a great event.  Your efforts are greatly appreciated as always ladies.  This is clearly evident with the gals sticking around after the event to catch up on all the winter events. 


I would be remiss if I didn't present the winning team of

Denise Skrobecki , Jenny Keitges, Jean Brennfoerder, and Mary Caudy.  Good team work ladies!