Viva Las Vegas -- July 16, 2004

    Another fine summer day in Lincoln found 48 ladies in search of a game.  All were willing to gamble the weather would hold and some good fortune would roll their way before the end of the day.  The LWMGA would not fail them....the Viva Las Vegas tournament was to be held at the Highlands that morning.  Yippie skippie!!!  The game was on.  Our tournament coordinators put together evenly matched teams and all would play stroke play.  At the end of the rounds, dice would be rolled, and depending on the number rolled, one score from one of the four team members would be used for each hole.  The tough part is not knowing who's score would be used so all were hoping to shoot a good round.  

On this day, the only links match of interest for most people was the British Open at Royal Troon... well did they miss out...Lincoln Nebraska has a links style course of their own which can present a challenge in  it's own right.  susanhdrive As Susan Holland (your Golfabout organizer) tees it up on Hole 16 (you know ... THE Par 4 ... ya right...) you can see the tall fescue beckoning to her ball.   I'll wager I wasn't the only one to answer the call this day.  

       Oh, you who.....


There are few trees at the Highlands to get in the way of our shots but odds are many found trouble in bunkers, fescue, and mogels.   In the image left, there  is a lone red clad gambler trying to locate a wayward golf ball off of Hole No. 3.  I feel your pain my friend.  Anyone bet it wasn't going to rain....the clouds rolled in but thankfully didn't rain on our parade.  They vacated the area shortly thereafter.


Dee Lowe is helping me with my rules lesson for this tournament.  In the image at the right, she is illustrating the method of dropping a ball after taking relief.  
takingdrop Extending the arm / ball straight out from the body and dropping within one or two club lengths (depending on the reason for the drop) no nearer the hole.  Her team mates watch and help out if questions arrise.  Good job Dee.  


After the successful drop Dee can then go ahead and shoot for the green.  


As many of us know, this summer has brought many much needed rains to the area which in turn has provided us with VERY LUSH rough.  Here Pam Gardner is successful in getting her ball out and advancing it towards her ultimate goal.  

I'll wager that after fighting with the elements some relief would be needed my many groups.  Here Sheila Krolikowski, Carla Barclay, Cheryl Ogden, and Connie Hoffman spend some of their green to get them going again.  thirsty

refreshments The day brought many smiles from the ladies and from Mel Meister and Gloria Brockley shown here.  Does this mean they had not met the fecsue yet, I wonder?

And the gals putted, putted, and putted to get it back to the club house.  


chrisonehanded            janeback       highlands18 Hole No. 18

Becky Williams (back), Kay Fox (in the shadows), Bette Vanier (driver), and Canice Kobus carefully checked and double checked scores before heading into the club house.

Now the fun begins.  The ladies couldn't get enough of the roulet wheel.  And came back time and time again.  Quarters were a flying!!!  Your welcome ladies...mine all flew the coop.  
Then it was time to roll the dice and did they roll.  jeanroll Some really got into it and Jean Peck wanted to make sure nothing got past her and her team mates prayed for 5s (5s corresponded to the lowest score of the group on a particular hole would be accepted).  It must have worked because their team hit the jackpot and won the grand prize.vivawinners


Carol Bottum, Jean Peck, Char Rowe, and Susan Holland.

lowgrosswinners Team Low Gross Winners were Lyla Ott, Jean Brennfoerder, Callen Frenzel and Linda Cordes (not present).