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This is where the content will begin. Notice the two sizes of buttons in the navigation area to the left. You may also opt to use text hyperlinks in the green bar under the header. Or you may even wish to use both!

There are two bullets available for this set:

The horizontal bar below is created at a width of 673 pixels... but by adjusting the width of the bar, you may make is shorter. Placing it in a table such as this one with the buttons at the left, you are limited to only 500 pixels in this content area, so I will adjust the size accordingly here:

Notice the quality of the bar isn't compromised at all.

Now, if you wish to continue your content under the nav bar, this is where you would start. You may also notice that the scrollbar has been altered using style tags so it matches the colors of the site template. If you look at the tags in the code, you will see how the colors have been assigned for the effect you see. Sadly, this has no effect in Netscape browsers. Only Internet Explorer users will see the enhanced scrollbar.

And that's it. Enjoy using this template! Just remember to place a link telling folks where you got it - for FREE! :)

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