Spring Swing 2007

    Hello ladies...here we are ready to begin another season of golf in Lincoln Nebraska with the LWMGA.  The first event was a scramble to help everyone get to know the new gals and also to reconnect with the old group....ewwwee...should I really say "old" group?  Of course not....so lets say....reconnect with all our friends from the past....ewwweee....should I really say "the past"?  Of course not....so lets say...reconnect with all our friends we have golfed with in previous years.  :>  Thats better.....guess I'm a little rusty from the winter months in the house. 
    Unfortunately, I was unable to participate in this event so Chris Lange is sharing her photos she took during the event.  Thank you Chris.

Here we have Joyce McClure who is one of this years Event Coordinators.  Hey, Joyce, your still smiling?  Way to go!

Looking good Becky.  Nice to see you out again this year. 

Kay Fox (left), Jan McNally (middle), and Carla Barclay (right)....not sure who is peaking and waving from behind Jan.  But, again, a common theme is the fact they are all smiling!!

OK, back to business....FOCUS!!

The winners of the event:

Sandie Gonnerman, Kay Bergquist, Susan Feely, and Sherrie Nelson.  Good job ladies!