Spring Swing Golf Tournament - May 1, 2004 

With rains bringing well needed moisture to our courses the 'Spring Swing' golf tournament had to be postponed a week.  However, Mother Nature finally relented and allowed members of the Lincoln Women's Municipal Golf Association to finally kick off the 2004 season at Mahoney Golf Course.
And we are off Mary Riley, Mary Zink and Deb Essex (left) are off the tee with hopes of producing those golf shots that will bring a smile to their faces.  And even if the perfect shots are not so perfect, the gloreous day and companionship will provide all with a day to remember.
Don't move     It is important to visualize your ball flight prior to executing the shot.  Gloria Brockley demonstrates this nicely (right).  Of course, I thought I heard her threaten the little bugger if it didn't listen.  

Where did they say "Excuse me, but did you see a ball out this way?" (left)


    In a Scramble format it is always nice to have the help of your fellow partners to give you advice and analyze a shot.  Right there Deb Essex is keenly interested in the path Mary Riley's ball takes on it's way to the hole (right).  If this were not a Scramble, however, I'm sure Mary Riley would be none too pleased to have Deb directly in her line of sight.  

Jean Putt Jean Peck is keeping her concentration directly on the chore at hand and that is to sink this putt.  While Cheryl Ober is showing excellent form in keeping her head down during and after the ball has left the club face.  If you didn't notice the ball is well on it's way to the hole and is located about head high just to the right of the flag mid air (right).
Head down

The winners of the Spring Fling were Karen Flowers,


Winners are:  
    Tammy Poe, Cheryl Ober, Chris Lange, and Jo McElvogue  (75)


 Congratulations Ladies!!