Spring Swing
April 26, 2003
Holmes Golf Course

If you can help with any missing names, let Susan know at skhollan@hotmail.com.
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65 players participated in the event. ?, Lynn C., Nancy H., and Deb O.

Still smiling after 9 holes! Becky W., Jo M., Pat N., and Lyla O.

Ready or not, here it comes! Carla B. (squatting), Jo D. (flag), Cheryl O. (putting)

These ladies are demonstrating all available forms of travel on the golf course. Sherri N., Bev K., and Barb H.

Jean B. and Susan H. are still able to smile after a long day. They recorded a 77 after other members of their team canceled at the last minute.

Please, ladies, if you sign up to play, . . . . play!

Karen F. demonstrates how we fill time when play is slow.

Always keep the group in front of you in sight to keep play moving. Let's not allow those behind us to get a rest!

Jenny K. sank this putt on #18 while her team supervised (Cheryl O. Sandy B., and Carol F.)

The winning team for the scramble with a 74 was (L to R): Annette K., Gloria B., Kathy B., and Carol R. Congrats, ladies!

Then, of course, we all get together and discuss the round all over again. Mary Z., ?, Linda P., Sherril K., and Jan M.

And again . . . and again . . . and again. But notice--all are smiling! Jan M., Deb E., ?, ?, and Mary Z.