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 2013 Registration

If desired, read about membership requirements, benefits, and dues.
If desired, read about paying $2 to join the
Ace Club.

  • To attend the Spring Brunch, payment is due by Saturday, March 24. If you only want to attend the brunch, make a check payable to the LWMGA for the $6 brunch cost. Send your payment to Gloria Brockley at the address below. If you want attend the brunch and pay your dues, do the three steps below.
  • New members can join at any time.
  • If you were a member last year, your GHIN status is "inactive" until this year's dues are received.

To attend the Spring Brunch AND to join or renew your membership into the LWMGA, please do these steps:

  1. Print and then fill out the membership registration form.
    If needed, get PDF Help to use Adobe Reader to open this form.

  2. Make a check payable to the LWMGA for $36 plus the $6 brunch cost and optional $2 Ace Club fee (or make checks for $15 for Junior GHIN members).

  3. Send your completed membership registration form with your payment to:
    Gloria Brockley
    5046 Little Salt Road
    Ceresco, NE 68017

If you have questions, call Gloria at 402-785-5009.



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