2007 LWMGA Multi-Club Member Form
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Multiple Club USGA GHIN Memberships: 
If you plan to belong to another golf association in 2007 that uses the USGA GHIN system, you can be registered as a multi-club member so that you only have one GHIN #. 
If you were a member of another club last year and have a GHIN number from that club, please list it so that you can keep that GHIN #.

If you would like to take advantage of this service, complete and send the form below to Gloria Brockley along with your membership registration form.

Important:  To fill in and print this form, please use Microsoft Internet Explorer instead of Netscape Navigator!

Check one: New Member Renewal from your 2006 membership
(If renewal involves a name change, please list former name in parentheses.)


Other Golf Association Name: 

Enter your GHIN and Club #s as printed on your GHIN card here:

City:  State: 
GHIN #:  Club #: 

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