2007 LWMGA Membership Registration Form
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Important:  To fill in and print this form, please use Microsoft Internet Explorer instead of Netscape Navigator!

Check one: New Member Renewal from your 2006 membership
(Return form by May 1 to stay on membership list.)
(If renewal involves a name change, please list former name in parentheses.)


E-mail:  (Used only by LWMGA Board.)


City:  Home Phone: 


State:  NE     Zip:  Work Phone: 


If renewing your 2006 membership, check here if any of the above information is new!


Check here to receive the newsletter via e-mail instead of in the mail.  (Must give your e-mail above.)


Check here to receive your Handicap Index E-Revisions via e-mail.  (Must give your e-mail above.)
Important:  This is recommended if you have e-mail because handicap stickers will no longer be at the courses.


If 18 years of age or less, your membership only provides GHIN Junior 18H handicap services.  For GHIN Junior 18H handicap services, please give birthdate (mm/dd/yy):   


Multiple Club USGA GHIN Memberships: 

If you plan to belong to another golf association in 2007 that uses the USGA GHIN system, you can be registered as a multi-club member so that you only have one GHIN #. 
If you were a member of another club last year and have a GHIN number from that club, please list it so that you can keep that GHIN #.

Please check here if you want to be registered as a multi-club member. 
Also, complete and send the
Multi-Club Member Form.