LWMGA Match Play Tournament

 Main goal here is to provide an opportunity to LWMGA members to experience another format not currently available. 

 For this format to work however the participants are going to be required to commit to be more proactive in setting up matches and contacting their opponents, getting official cards and communicating their scores to designated Organizing Committee member.

Tournament will begin Jun 1 and will conclude 8 wks later (weather could affect timing).  If everything works then the final results of the tournament will be early August.

 Depending on number of entrants, Flights with respect to handicap of players will be set up with 16 players per flight (see example bracket below)

            -2 Flight Limit first year. 

            - Organizing committee will arrange and design flights

            - since this is a test year a nominal fee ($5) was requested so no funds from LWMGA will be required. 

            - Everyone is guaranteed two matches with first round losers going into a Consolation bracket where they have the opportunity to continue play.  Once you lose in the Consolation bracket you are done.  Players never return to the Match Play Bracket from Consolation Bracket.

 Match Play Process:         

Players must have an established handicap.

Players in a flight will be ranked from 1-16 by handicap and 80% of that handicap will be used in all matches. 

Holmes will be the home course where all scorecards etc will be posted or available for pickup by players prior to their matches.

 A player will have ~2 wks to complete their assigned matches.  Handicaps will be adjusted each 2 wk period to reflect current handicap status.  Extenuating circumstances may affect some matches and both players of said match need to contact Organizing Committee for a resolution (Committee to be determined, Joy Kovar, Sherril Kilpatrick, and Chris Lange).

 If a player is unable to get a match played in the designated time period then that player will be defaulted.  (Again, if the players of the said match approach the Organizing Committee in a reasonable amount of time to work out a possible solution, a default may be averted.)

Courses will be assigned for each two-week period of matches and will include all four city courses:  Holmes, Highlands, Mahoney, and Pioneers.  Matches must be played on assigned courses. 

Official Scorecards will be prepared by the Organizing Committee and deposited at the Home course (Holmes). 

 Players will then pick up their cards and contact their opponent to schedule their match.  This is the player’s responsibility.

 Once the time of the match is determined the players will then play the match under Match Play rules (See LWMGA website for these rules).  The winner of the match will then call Organizing Committee with the results ASAP so the next round of matches can be prepared.  All official scorecards will be provided to the Organizing Committee, in a drop box at the Home Course.  There will be one official scorecard but it is recommended that the other player should keep both scores on another card and save it in case the official card is lost.  One member of the match shall mail the official card to designated member ASAP. 

Foursomes are encouraged to play but all players much agree.  Also players must declare to all that it is a match play event for them and then NO ADVICE can be given by anyone in the group.  Only members of the match can give putts to their competition.

Example of Flighting: