LWMGA Guest Day - May 21, 2005

    The day began a bit on the chilly side but the gals came out in droves.  Train loads of spectators showed up for the day of golf and fun....well....maybe not spectators .... and the loads may have been something else, but if anyone has played the Highlands they know that at anytime a familiar train may move thorough the area and provide some friendly distraction from the work at hand.  Today the train remained parked so only a change in backdrop was noted.    

highlandscrew The Highlands Golf Course Crew welcomed the ladies and provided us with a shotgun start.  

From right to left:  Denis Vontz (Pro), Jay Carstens, Summer Thomassen, Mike Halverson, and Jeremy McHueh.  And we don't what to forget the friendly cart gal who keeps us refreshed thoroughout the round on those warm windy days.  Thank you Nicole Johnson.

And of course no one can say the ladies of the LWMGA are not resourceful.  Here we see the team of Kari Johnson, Jan McNally, Diana Johnson (hidden), and Erin Hamilton getting to their starting hole in style and definately rested.  

The winds did pick up during the round as shown by the putting green flags as well as the general lean of all the trees in most of these pictures.  But with their jackets on and golf clubs in hand the 25 team field of members and guests were off and running......ah......golfing.  


Carla Becker and I were unable to participate in the event so we hopped a cart to get some photos of gals who were lucky enough to be able to spend a day golfing at a great course with friends.  What can be better!

We even had a peanut gallery....the locals came out and watched some of the ladies as they passed by their front doors.....yep...Mr. Jack Rabbit got to view some good golf.  

Who ever said golf was a good walk ...ruined, had to be out of his mind........or........dare I say it........a poor golfer???
highlands windy

  All day we saw ladies working as teams, discussing the best strategy to approach holes and then execute....ithoughtyousaid ....the shots.  

If you were really quiet, you could here the ladies working hard to produce good scores.....

"OK, where do you think  I should leave my shot to give us the best chance at birdie, on the left or right side?"

helpful "You got a hitch in your backswing, partner"            or
"I really think it is a 5-iron and not a 7-iron shot from here.... don't you?"


"Who is the idiot who left us on this side of the water?"  Which brings the response "The one idiot in four that remained dry!"

OK, I admit I didn't hear these comments but part of the fun in playing these scramble events is the team aspect of the game.  

Here we see a team that has managed to get the hole surrounded so it can't escape.  

And the team that managed to beat the winds at their own game would be the winners of the event:  Deb Eagan, Steph Kolbas, Lyla Ott, and Deb Essex.  They came in with a 63.  Way to go ladies and keep up the good work.