Guest Day - June 12, 2004

     A gorgeous saturday morning event at Holmes Golf Course was welcomed by 116 ladies arriving for a round of golf with friends and family.   This was the largest turn-out for a LWMGAgolf event ever.   We need to thank the organizers of our Special Events this year (left to right; Carol Finn, Cheryl Ober and John Craw, PGA Professional Holmes Golf Course).CrawCrew  And lets not forget the many volunteers, such as Becky Williams who assisted in getting all the ladies set up with goodie bags and mulligans, for without them we would not enjoy the smooth running of these events.  Organizers WOW!  

And a BIG THANK YOU to John Craw for the Shotgun start, which began at 8am, this fine day.   Or so it seemed.  Unknown to all attendees, this day would have a very different ending.....



OK, can you think of that time in your golf past that this has happened to you?    
I know we have all been there when the unbelievable happens.  Well, my group was the lucky one ..... or should I say the unlucky one....that had the ball stop on the lip of the cup.  Literally a third of the ball was hanging over the cup.  The evidence is shown here.  I believe some statements uttered like "How can this be worth the same as that nice long drive we had not two shots earlier?" or "Ah shucks, (or something to that affect) is this going to sit on the rim all morning?" or "What did I do to deserve this?"or "Unbelievable".   ha ha  RIGHT!  But yes, the game doesn't allow for a yardage correction and this little tap in counts just as much as that 200 yd drive earlier.  This game can be so cruel at times, but yet, for every one of these disappointing outcomes to a shot we have even more special ones.  You know the ones I mean.  That one great shot that keeps you coming back to the golf course day in and day out.  These kinds of shots are going to happen and how we deal with these will determine how well we learn and improve our games.  

We just go to the next tee box and put our heads down and begin a new.Focus   Remember, it is done so move on.  

As you can see from the next photos, the storm clouds are beginning to take over the sunny start we had.  But the ladies kept moving along and we got in an average of 15 holes before the tournament was halted and we were called in due to lightening and thunderstorms in the area.  No point in pressing the issue.  


The rain began shortly after noon.  Everyone managed to get clubs in cars and in the club house before anyone got too wet.  Thanks again to the golf course crew for getting the word out to all the groups spread all over the course.  The rain shortened event was still a success and from what everyone was saying in the Club House, most had a great time.  

Unfortunately, because of the sudden storms and to the tournament, I was not able to get as many shots as I would have hoped but hopefully I will have better luck next time.

Below you have a couple views of the ladies enjoying a nice lunch provided by the club house snack bar while the scores were being processed by the organizers and John Craw (PGA Professional) behind the scenes.
ClubHouse ClubHouse2    

Congratulations to the Championship Flight winners Jane Shaw (member), Shelley Bauer (guest), Connie Arene (guest) and Sherri Rounsborg (guest).