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Receiving Our Mailings:  As a member of LWMGA, you receive our newsletter in March, May, July, and September.  If you are a member and do not receive the newsletter, please call Susan Holland at 483-6960.  Also, if your mailing address changes, please call or e-mail Susan with your new mailing address so you do not miss any issues!  If you prefer, you can receive the newsletter by e-mail instead to help save copying and postage expenses.
Submitting Articles:  Any member is welcome to submit articles for the Golfabout.  Especially if you volunteer to coordinate any LWMGA events, please let other members know about your activities by submitting articles.  The deadlines are approximately one month before an issue is to be mailed, but the specific deadline for the next issue is always given at the bottom of the first page of each newsletter.

Please submit articles to Susan Holland at 5810 Prescott Place, Lincoln, NE 68506-5156
OR by e-mail to!  If you have questions, call Susan at 483-6960.

Placing Advertisements:  To help reduce costs for the newsletter so your dues can be used for our fun activities, ad space is available in the Golfabout.  All members are encouraged to seek possible advertisers or to place an advertisement for your own business!  Sizes of ads and costs per issue include:

Business Card Size (3.5" x 2") for $25
Quarter Page (3.5" x 5") for $45
Half Page (7.5" x 5") for $80
Full Page (7.5" x 9.5" for $125

$$ SAVE MONEY if you run the same ad in two consecutive issues by qualifying for these reduced rates: business card size for $40 total, quarter page for $80 total, and half page for $150 total. Call Susan Holland at 483-6960 for details.

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