Firecracker Open - July 1, 2005

     What better way to start the month of July than with a golf tournament.  The Firecracker Open (alias:  White Elephant) was held at Pioneers Golf Course.  This tournament was a change from the usual tournament setup in that it was a 9-hole format and held in the evening.   I'm not sure of the number of ladies that played but I'd venture a guess that close to 30 ladies attended.  This was a great turn out and Mother Nature cooperated giving us a dry cool evening for some fun and games.  Not bad for the start of July in Nebraska.

Pioneers Golf course was in fine shape for the evening event.  To celebrate the upcoming Fourth of July we had many reminders of the special day all around with stars and stripes meeting us everywhere. 

Becky Williams and Carol Finn scoured the universe .... ok .... maybe not the universe but a lot of places for prizes for the event and really out did themselves. 

The gals got the tournament started about 5pm and as we see here, created a little log jam at the first tee.  Patience ladies!!  logjam

Some ladies find it necessary to keep limber while waiting between shots, so do some stretching to keep loose. 

Hey, whatever works, right?


Unfortunately, Susan Holland had a bit of a wayward shot on #5 but she got it together and back in the fairway.  Becky Williams kept an eye on Susan to make sure she could find her way back to the fairway. 


Kari Johnson found herself trying to get the right image of her next shot in her mind before addressing the ball.  Funny how small the water looks in the picture but I bet it was a lot larger obsticle in her minds eye...don't you think?  FOCUS!!  or maybe tell yourself "there is no water...there is no water....there is no water....YOOOOO HOOOO... PAY ATTENTION......THERE IS NO WATER!!" 

And you wondered what players were telling themselves before their shots. 


I would be remise if I didn't share some of the lovely views that greeted us on the course this fine evening.  The par 3 #4 hole is always a good one for a photo op.   And if you've ever been hiking, you sometimes are told to turn around once in awhile because you may be treated to another lovely view.  Well, I did just that and sure enough I got the view below.  Do you know where this is?  Well, try turning around once in awhile the next time your at Pioneers and see what greets you. 


At the end of the day the tournament coordinators had a little surprise for us all.  CAKE AND ICE CREAM!!!  It sure did hit the spot after a round of golf with friends.  YUM YUM!!  Thanks!

Sherry Hutchison was celebrating a birthday so we acknowledged that with a little tune.  Happy 29th Sherry.

With the completion of all the formalities flag prizes were distributed to the lucky winners.  Now these prizes were not quite like those you tend to see given at other golfing events.  No, they are the lost and lonely gifts that have been placed in those deep dark corners of the closet just waiting to see the garage sale table.  But our tournament coordinators went out of their way to give these lost gifts new life.  One lucky gal (Carla Becker) modeled her lovely "new" hair dryer from the .... was before my time but she modeled it for us anyway.   Remember these ladies?  prizes

Another prize that was the talk of all was this lovely light.  I couldn't believe all the lovely colors of lights and the sparkle the plastic cups added to the overall effect was just .... inspiring.......the thing just screamed for your attention wherever it was.  Becky Williams was the proud winner and decided to share it with all by displayed it on the tree at the club house. 

And last but not least, the flight winners received their plates of honor and proudly displayed them.  Way to go ladies.  The City Tournament isn't the only tourney in town that can give plates to the flight winners. 


Starting with the back row, left to right, Tina Gaines, Carla Becker, Sherrie Nelson, Sherry Hutchison, Deb Holland, and in front, left to right, Gloria Brockley, Cheryl Ober, Deb Essex, and Sandie Gonnerman.