LWMGA Club Championship -- August 19 & 20, 2005

     The LWMGA has their championship which is generally played towards the end of the golf season and this year it fell on August 19th and 20th.  Yes, this is a two day event held at two of the City Courses.  The Highlands and Pioneer Golf Courses were our first and second day venues, respectively. 
highlands2   pioneermorning
Pretty tough, I tell you, to wake up to these views.................... OK.............PLEASE twist my arm!!!

calmhighlands  calm2
Now I have to depart for just one moment from the golf at hand to mention a strange phenomenon that I noticed during this event.  Being a scientist, it is my job to record effects when running experiments.  So, can you tell me what is "strange" in these pictures of the Highlands on the left and Pioneers on the right?  Or should I say what is missing??? 
YEP, YOU GOT IT.   Both days of the Club Championship was void of wind.  I don't think I've ever seen the lakes at these courses without any ripples at all.  The Highlands was a mirror and if I'd gotten closer the one at Pioneers would have been very similar.  WOW.  Sorry, I just had to point that one out.  Rare occasions must be documented.

OK back to business.

The crew at the Highlands had to get some mowing done and for the most part managed to stay out of the ladies way. 

Both courses were in pretty good shape considering the weather prior to the tournament was stressful to say the least with temperatures above 100 F and high humidities.  So, I'd like to give a "nice pat on the back" to the Superintendents for their efforts to give us great courses all year around.

As play backed up behind a slow moving group of men, the gals took it in stride and got caught up on some current events.  killtime


At other times, you can almost feel like your out on the course all by yourself. 

Since I was playing in the event and "concentrating" on hitting fairways and greens, (and BOY do I need to work on my FOCUS.....tee hee)   I really don't have a lot of pictures to share.

 However, the most exciting thing happened!!!!

Come on Ladies.......check it out........

Come one, come all........literally.........

WE HAVE A PLAYOFF for Club Champion!!!! 

Most of our events are settled by card playoffs or a split of the winning money between ties.  However, for Club Champion of the LWMGA they must win on the field of play.  So this year when all golf was done, Sherrie Nelson and Lyla Ott were tied for low gross. 

The playoff began on Hole #10 with a good luck hand shake from both ladies.  GOOD LUCK GALS!!

playoff   judgecontrol
Of course, we had to have an official to monitor the play.  Our own Judge Karen Flowers (above right) decided to take on the duties.  OK, you might wonder who she is keeping quiet in this image wouldn't you....where is everyone???   


Well, they are there as you can see we have a number of ladies under a tree (rather hot day) and several carts filled with spectators to watch the drama unfold. 

Sherrie and Lyla both had second shots from the rough but managed to get close to the green from the long grass.


At times you feel all alone on the course and here Lyla concentrates on her next play to get her ball snuggled up next to the pin so she has just a tap in (bottom right).

Sherrie and Lyla both took pars on the first hole of the playoff and moved on to Hole #11.


So off we all go.........

Has anyone seen Karen lately.....
judgebeer2OK we are good to go now.

Of course, again there is a slow group of men ahead of the ladies so we are all "waiting patiently" for them to clear the green.  Of course they probably think we are all watching them....right.....ah....ya.................................NOT. 

But after about 10 min Lyla is ready to take the next shot to the green.  While Sherrie ponders a shot over a tree from the rough just off the green.  Unfortunately I missed that shot but it was a nice shot that landed softly on the green.


Lyla has a 20' putt for birdie and concentrates hard.  But alas, it slides by....OH WHAT A CRUEL GAME ......

Sherrie then sinks her winning putt and the ladies congratulate each other on the play. 



So we all are off again to the club house to celebrate the new Club Champion and all the other winners of the tournament.


Low Net Champion :  Jenny Keitges  62 + 65 = 127
Senior Low Net Champion:  Jean Peck   73 + 75 = 148
Low Gross Champion (Club Champion):  Sherrie Nelson  86 + 83 =169


First flight (net):
1st place: Sherry Nelson with a 70 + 66 = 136
2nd place: Karen Flowers with a 74 + 70 = 144
3rd place: Lyla Ott with a 74 + 73 = 147
4th place: Joy Kovar with a 75 + 72 = 147

Order:  Sherrie, Karen, Joy, and Lyla

Second flight (gross):
1st place tie:
Chris Lange with a 90 + 89 = 179
Gloria Brockley with a 88 + 91 = 179
3rd place: Susan Holland with a 91 + 94 = 185

Order:  Susan, Chris, and Gloria

Third flight (gross):
1st place: Jenny Keitges with a 88 + 93 = 181
2nd place: Jean Brown with a 98 + 101 = 199
3rd place: Jean Peck with a 99 + 103 = 202

Order:  Jean B., Jean P., and Jenny

Fourth flight (net):
1st place: Kari Johnson with a 71 + 69 = 140
2nd place: Carla Becker with a 68 + 74 = 142
3rd place: Cathy Day with a 77 + 68 = 145
fourthwinners  Order:  Cathy, Kari, and Carla