Club Championship -- July 30th and 31st of 2004

    This years Club Championship was held at Holmes Golf Course on day 1 and finished at Pioneers Golf Course on day 2.   With only a few sprinkles at Holmes to dampen the event early, the sun welcomed us all on day two and proved to be a real nail biter.  NAILS...WHO HAS NAILS!!!  The Pros on both days provided a modified shotgun start which allows all the ladies playing to get off tee and off the course at the same time.  This may be great for the golfers but it does put added pressure on the organizers to get things added, calculated, checked and logged.  A huge round of applause should go out to the board for all their efforts to get the numbers right and up in a timely fashion. 

Day 1 -- Holmes Golf Course -- 7:45 am

morning I'm sure we all have a similar feelings when playing morning golf.  

No, I don't mean those feelings that evoke responses such as:  
    "why can't I sleep another hour?" or
    "gosh I need another cup of coffee, but do I dare?" or
    "who in their right minds gets up this early" or
    "so this is what it looks like before 8am!!"

No, rather, I'm talking about those moments when the sun gently rises over the horizon and the birds serenade us as we prepare to play the game of golf.   Where, in the early morning solitude, you are hard pressed to hear the hustle and bustle of the traffic you know is only a few yards away.  A peaceful mist in the air and the early morning dew provide a clean freshness to the course while a cool breeze nips at our faces.  

And the ultimate find yourself smiling.

Here Deb Essex and Lela Ott are heading to their starting tee box on friday in the early morning mist at Holmes Golf Course contemplating their upcoming round.  What will the day bring?


We were met with some drizzly rain for a good portion of the day friday so pictures are scarce, however, after the sun decided to join us towards the end of our rounds, Jan Crouch gladly demonstrates her follow through when hitting her approach to the 15th green. 

Of course, as I was trying to determine my next move when I get to my ball, I heard something......

....where was that little noise coming from........there it is again.....

"YO, lady, may I play through?"

playthrough2 I informed this single that we were in the midst of a very important tournament and they would not be allowed to play through.  But if it should happen on another day, we would gladly allow her to play through to avoid slow play for those golfers following. 


Where is the group ahead of us?  Funny how quickly we loose them when stopping to chat. 

We made a point to pick it up so we can stay within sight of the group in front of us. 

Day 2 -- Pioneers Golf Course -- 7:45 am

Day 2 began very much as did Day 1 with a modified shotgun start. 
Our group's day started out with everyone managing to find the green.  We were definitely creeping up on the hole and had it in our sights.  Everyone knows that on Hole #1 the place to be is just in front of the green.  And three found it just perfectly.  Or maybe the comments were "why didn't I use that one extra club".   We always want to keep those goals high. 

                                                                           But all in all not a bad spot to work from.


You know, sometimes everyone is an expert at telling us what we should or shouldn't do.  Well, I noticed this tree off the #6 tee box that seemed to be saying "fade it here".  OK, now I know I've lost it.

Then suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I notice a fellow golfer on an adjacent fairway giving me THE signal.  Can you see her?

PIMAHIHO.........My spirits were lifted and off I went.

But it wasn't long before the unthinkable happened.  As I was preparing to hit a shot I turned and accidentally dropped my club.  OH MY GOODNESS!!! 

opps careful

The unthinkable has occurred.  How could I be so unaware? 

As you can see, at the left, my club 'narrowly' missed hitting my ball.  Why am I so upset? 

Carefully, I lift my club ..... breathing again, I chastised myself for being mentally AWOL. 

Remember, always be aware of your equipment and where it is in relation to you.  You never know when the 'unthinkable' will happen.  See the Ruling on such a situation below from the USGA.

USGA Rules of Golf:

18-2. By Player, Partner, Caddie or Equipment

a. General
When a player’s ball is in play, if:
(ii) equipment of the player or his partner causes the ball to move,  the player incurs a penalty of one stroke.
If the ball is moved, it must be replaced unless the movement of the ball occurs after the player has begun the
stroke or the backward movement of the club for the stroke and the stroke is made.
Under the Rules there is no penalty if a player accidentally causes his ball to move in the following circumstances:
• In searching for a ball in a hazard covered by loose impediments or sand, for a ball in an abnormal ground condition or for a ball believed to be in water in a water hazard — Rule 12-1
• In repairing a hole plug or ball mark — Rule 16-1c
• In measuring — Rule 18-6
• In lifting  a ball under a Rule — Rule 20-1
• In placing or replacing a ball under a Rule Rule 20-3a
• In removing a loose impediment on the putting green — Rule 23-1
• In removing movable obstructions — Rule 24-1.

I have left the Rule numbers in place in the explanation so you can look up the information if you like from the following website 

Knowing the rules of golf will only make you a better golfer and provide you with the proper procedure if something like this ever happens to you. sailing

OK, now that that bit of work is done I sailed on to the next hole....


MAN, don't you wish that were really the way to get to the next hole!!!

tee hee

OK, getting back to business.  Isn't it great when you get to the green and see someone in your group is going to be have the job of showing you EXACTLY the line of your shot? 

Of course, then you realize that that is only going to be the case, if and only if, they execute THEIR shot correctly and YOU execute your shot correctly.  

This game can give you a huge headache trying to figure it out at times.  So, pop a few aspirin and only worry about what you can control.

I feel I have first hand knowledge on this point because Sherrie Nelson sank her birdie and I left mine hanging on the which I exclaimed "figures...I've been short all my life."

I promptly tossed the bag for two aspirin...took a deep breath and moved on.  Whats done is done.

We now come to the crowning moment.  Or wait....what's this?.....the Losers?..... at least that is what they were trying to tell me here.  However, I prefer to say they are demonstrating that they are all members of the LWMGA with the "L" salute.   Good job ladies. 

Congrats to all the ladies who participated because this is the organizations biggest tournament of the year.  This is OUR Club Championship.  More dollars are allotted to this tournament in our budget than any other throughout the year.  So if you haven't played you might mark it on your calendar next year and join us. 

Now....The winners. 


Congratulations to the Flight winners:

Carol Finn, third flight

Barb Hart, second flight

Karen Flowers, first flight

Linda Perry, fourth flight



Club Champion:  Jan Crouch

Low Net Champion:  Carol Finn